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Stop Arming Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is fighting a devastating war on Yemen, causing widespread casualties, starvation and suffering. The results of the war have been, in the words of the UN’s Yemen envoy Johannes van der Klauwe, “a humanitarian catastrophe”. Currently 60% of its population are going hungry. Many of the weapons the repressive Saudi regime are using have been supplied by Britain. Despite a call from the European Parliament for an arms embargo, Britain’s arms trade with Saudi continues. We ask you to support an immediate embargo.

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Newsletter – 21 June 2017
Stop the War Statement on the Finsbury Park Attack

Stop the War issued the following statement on Monday 19th June:

The Stop the War Coalition condemns the despicable terrorist attack in Finsbury Park in the early hours of the morning. We send our condolences to the family and friends of the dead man and those of all the casualties. We have worked closely with the leadership of the Finsbury Park Mosque for many years and send them our deepest sympathy and solidarity.

As well as the appalling physical harm done, this was a terror attack designed to intimidate the Muslim community in the area and beyond. The Islamophobia that has been whipped up by governments and the media throughout the ‘War on Terror’ has contributed to an atmosphere in which attacks on Muslims are becoming all too familiar, though under-reported. Politicians have repeatedly used Islamophobia to bolster their positions, most notoriously during the last year’s mayoral elections. Theresa May’s recent statements against tolerance have only made matters worse.

Stop the War will continue to campaign against British participation in foreign wars, many in Muslim countries. We will redouble our efforts to combat the racism and Islamophobia that they help to generate.
Heightened risk of great power confrontation in Syria

After the recent shooting down of a Syrian plane by the US military in Syria, Russia has scrapped an agreement by which both US and Russia try to avoid air conflict over Syria. Additionally, Russia has said it will treat US planes flying west of the Euphrates as a potential target. The US claimed the Syrian plane was shot down because it attacked US-backed fighters, which goes to show the extent to which they are mired in the Syrian conflict. Furthermore, two Iranian drones have been shot down by the US in southern Syria in the last couple of weeks. Yesterday a Russian and US plane reportedly flew within five feet of each other in the Baltic.

This dangerous situation underscores the need for an urgent political solution to the intractable conflict in Syria and a de-escalation of tensions in Eastern Europe as well. Foreign military interventions on all sides are risking further major catastophes. We need a powerful anti-war movement to demand an end to Western military intervention in the region.


Not One Day More #ToriesOut – National Demonstration
Saturday 1 July | Assemble 12:00
BBC Broadcasting House
Portland Place
March to Parliament Square

Theresa May’s failure to form a stable government indicates the weakness of the old militarist establishment.

In this context, pressure on the government from outside parliament is critically important. Stop the War is therefore supporting the People’s Assembly national demonstration to get May out. We invite everyone to come together in one massive show of strength against this warmongering and Islamophobic government.

This is a government which always finds money for killing people in distant lands but doesn’t find it necessary to invest in the adequate housing security of its own (poorer) citizens, as the harrowing Grenfell Tower fire has confirmed. While starving vital public services of desperately needed funds, the government has been spending billions on more than a decade and a half of barbarous bombing raids across the Middle East, including the heavily populated cities of Mosul and Raqqa in recent months. Last week, UN war crimes investigators reported that the US-led coalition’s bombing of Raqqa has also resulted in massive civilian casualties.

Transport to this very important demonstration is being arranged from across the country. For details see here.

Please join us on the march and if you can volunteer for Stop the War on the day please let us know at

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Stop the War has no wealthy financial backers. Since our founding in 2001, our campaigns and small office have been funded entirely by our members, supporters and affiliated organisations. We need your support.

Please help sustain our educational and campaigning work against the UK government’s war policies by becoming a member, by making a donation or by leaving a legacy.

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